Commissioned Shorts

Greater New York Hospital Association 

Commissioned by the Greater Hospital Association of New York (GNYHA).

A vivid look at first responders— what drives, challenges,  and sustains them in their work--this film tracked a team of doctors and nurses who answered Haiti’s cry for help during the first week after the earthquake  of 2010. 

New York Psychoanalytic Society & Institute

Commissioned by the New York Psychoanalytic Institute (NYPSI).

A brief history of the oldest psychoanalytic institute in the United States, this film celebrates the ongoing role the New York Psychoanalytic Society & Institute plays in New York City, the psychoanalytic community, and the greater mental health community. 

Helix Center

Commissioned by the Helix Center. 

This short film was produced to grow public interest in The Helix Center, a  “university without walls” that creates roundtable programs featuring thought leaders from different disciplines and joins them with local and global audiences. The film spotlights the Center’s series about  “Science and the Big Questions”. 

School for Strings

Commissioned by the School For Strings

A portrait of New York City’s premiere Suzuki-based music school, this short film is a glimpse into a community of children, music educators, and parents working together to build skills and a love of music—informed by the principles of founder of the Suzuki movement Shinichi Suzuki, “Music exists for the purpose of growing an admirable heart.”